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We started in Texas back in 2003 (yes, twenty years ago) as "Wireless Engineering", mainly as a telecommunication company specialized in cellular technology, especially custom interfaces for cellular networks analysis, used by major telecommunications companies such as Nokia, Lucent, and Alcatel. In 2008, we came up with the brand name "WirEng" using the first three letters of our company name's two words, and since then we designed, produced, and sold our products to thousands of companies worldwide. We are mainly a design and manufacturing company, so we prefer to design custom products for other companies, rather then creating, developing, patenting, producing, and marketing products on our own; in other words, we love cooperation and teamwork, and in looking at these past twenty years our most successful deals were always for proprietary, custom designs. We believe that our absolute best talent is inventing, followed by product development, manufacturing, and lastly, selling. In 2015 we became an FCC licensee and were awarded permission to sell our multi-band, high power, bidirectional amplifier (also known as "repeater" to other businesses). If you know of a market niche that needs a "disruptive technology" product, you can contact our Custom Design Team here. If instead you're interested in investing in WirEng®, you can simply purchase large volumes of our products, which means that you would basically "dictate your own terms and prices". To get more information about becoming a WirEng® distributor, please contact us here. We can also manufacture products for which you own the rights with phenomenal quality and cost-effectiveness. Please contact us here if you're interested in such collaboration.

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About WirEng®

About WirEng®

We are an American company headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. We do our very best to have inventory in many continents, including the Americas, Europe, Eurasia, Australasia, Asia, and (soon) Africa.

WARNING: Do not trust your equipment's signal integrity with companies that are not FCC licensed!

We have laboratories and manufacturing facilities in several continents and we design and build our own products. We have real engineers with bachelors and master degrees from accredited, major universities. We can also design and manufacture for you, in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Houston, Texas, USA